Thursday, May 22, 2008


In most of the case, the source of waste is not noticeable and not detected. Many home or office appliances user has the habit of using remote control which is so convenient in operating. I always call remote control as a lazy man’s tool.

My piece of advice : Switch off your TV, DVD+CD Player, Computer, Printer, Sound System etc at the power socket. Please do not leave them on standby mode. On standby mode, your appliance is still drawing power even though it is unnoticeable.

Have good practice of switching off your appliances in your house or office can actually save up to about 10% of your electricity use. You can expect to save around S$50.00 per year.

Can you imagine all this small little standby you have ignore, can actually save you some cash for a little Christmas Present. So, just stretch your hand a little bit and off the power point. Simple isn’t it ?

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