Monday, May 5, 2008


Saving a dollar or even cent here and there won't make you a millionaire instantly but it will definitely add up your reserves.

Ready for SAVINGS ?.........Here you go......the first trick :

Smart Shoppings !!! Do consider shopping at budget stores. Most budget stores sell daily use items such as toiletries and kitchenwares. You can even find snacks, stationery, garments etc. Those kind of "No Brand" items which are inexpensive. Who needs branded disposable paper plates anyway. But, take note of the packing size and compare them with the price on per unit basis. Eg. $10 for bag of 10pcs is cheaper then $3 for a bag of 2pcs.

Spend money carefully on Smart Shopping with simple maths calculation will make a difference. Spend your extra money for a great vacation which you long for.

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