Friday, May 2, 2008


You may heard of or read about people earning 4 to 5 figures per month via bloggings. Well, that is one of the way you may earn extra cash by writing some blogs or creating websites. Thereafter, by placing advertisements on your blogs whereby visitors may click and view will enable you to start earning money from it. Whether you are a newbie or expert marketer, it works.

Let me share with you how it's done :
First, CREATE a blog (eg with or others that you are comfortable with)with rich and unique contents. Let say write about Cotton Candy...everything about and related to it. Then, after posting some well written blogs, register with Googles AdSense. (You will receive confirmation letter from Adsense team in a day or two. They may reject your application if your blogs sucks...haha...). It is a fast and easy way where AdSense will help displaying related ads and Google Seach on your content pages.

You will earn money whenever visitors clicks$, click=$,....Can you hear the sound of money ? Yeah....... Spend some time in a day or two to write your interesting blogs. You can turn your hobby blog into money making machine.

Don't expect to earn a fortune overnight without putting in effort. The more you want to earn, the better the quality of your blog must be. Be realistic. Work towards it okay.

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