Friday, June 27, 2008


Brown rice is whole grain rice with mild nuty flavor. In the past it is rarely eaten except by the sick and elderly as a cure for constipation. However, it is now well accepted as it is far more nutritious then white rice and becoming more expensive due to shortage.

The reason for me to introduce brown rice is that it is so nutritious for consumption, even the water you use to soak the rice is equally useful.

For cooking brown rice, we need to soak the washed brown rice for at least two hours in warm water (abt 35 - 38 degree C) prior to cooking. It will encourage gemination and activate various enzymes in the rice. You may transfer the rice to the rice cooker with fresh water but do not discard the soaking water. The nutritious water is for your face.

You will notice some residual at the bottom of your soaking bowl. This part (part A) will be for use as face mask. The clearer top liquid (part B) will be use as face wash.

If you face is oily, you can mixed some facial foam to part B and cleans your face. If your skin is normal, just wash with part B liquid. After washing, pad dry your face with a towel. Scoop up part A and spread it evenly on your face as a face mask. Leave it for about 10 - 15 minutes and rinse off . You can immediately feel the smoothness of your skin.

Try it my dear friends. You don't have to span too much money or time doing it as the brown rice facial wash and mask is totally free.

Food for your tummy and nutriants for your face :P

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TIRAMISU Non-Bake Cake

Giving free gift to attract sales is one of the game that never fails me especially when I am doing my open house sales. People tends to remember my delicious snacks and thus remember me...Hahah.....ofcourse they will remember my items for sales.

I always start up with easy recipe even my kids have no problem preparing. Try it mums and dads. Your kids will love it so does your clients. You can even sell it to your friends to make some extra money, use it as birthday cakes so you can save some extra money instead of buying one.

The best thing with this recipe is that it DOES NOT REQUIRE BAKING.

Ingredients :
75g sugar
3 egg yolks
250g whipped fresh cream
250g mascarpone cheese
2 packets sponge fingers
1 cup black coffee
8-10 tbsps brandy
Some cocoa power for dusting

Preparation :
1. Put egg yolks and sugar in a mixing bowl and cream them together until thick. Add mascarpone cheese and continue beating. In a separate bowl, whip fresh cream. Fold whip fresh cream into the cheese mixture and set aside.

2. Mix coffee and brandy in a separate bowl. Dip each sponge finger into the coffee mixture and line the base of a baking pan.

3. Spread a layer of cheese mix over. Add another layer of dipped sponge fingers and another layer of cheese. Dust with cocoa. Chill in the fridge for 4 hours but it taste best when chill overnight.

Enjoy little friends, big friends, dads and mums with this easy recipe. Hope you have fun with it.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Many thanks to my friend Sharon for sharing with me a program in making little money via reading.

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Oh Yes…….You might think that half a cent is not much. You will not be rich for this money. But…..hey, it is till money isn’t it. My lovely grandmother keeps reminding me since I was young, “don’t look down on half a cent even though it is that insignificant.”