Monday, June 9, 2008


Many thanks to my friend Sharon for sharing with me a program in making little money via reading.

I have joint EmailCashPro and starts earning some money by reading online ads with no cost at all at my end. I will not go into something that I need to pay unless the return is really that good and justifiable. Thus, I go for this which I do not need to fork out any money. Haha…

ECP is a local (Singapore) advertising service company who pays members to view online ads. All you need to do is to sign up as a member. They will send links to ads to you via e-mail according to your interest and profile. (They are earning from advertiser and share some profit to you for viewing.)

You will earn money by clicking on the links and view an ad for a minute. Each view will earn you a point which worth around half a cent. Spend a little bit of your time per day viewing the ads will get you some money.

To earn more, you may enroll your friends or promote your member link (no spamming please). When your friends who enroll as member under your link start viewing their ads, you too will earn referring points which in turns converted to money.
If you think it’s worth trying at no cost, you may sign up via my link -
and I will earn some referring points. Haha….thanks and really appreciate that.

At this moment, they are also giving away bonus to member. You can view some free e-books and articles on topics like golf, babies, finance etc. You may find them interesting and helpful to read on.

Oh Yes…….You might think that half a cent is not much. You will not be rich for this money. But…..hey, it is till money isn’t it. My lovely grandmother keeps reminding me since I was young, “don’t look down on half a cent even though it is that insignificant.”

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