Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Singapore and other tropical countries are always facing the problems of heat and humidity. Most of us can’t bear with the heat and air-conditioner is essential. How do we enjoy and at the same time lower the power consumption ?

Here it goes. It’s really that simple. Just set your air conditioner’s thermostat at 25ºC or higher. I notice that my consumption has gone down. On the average, every degree raised will save you about S$20.00 per year (base on Singapore energy computation). Hey just freeze your energy wastage by pressing a button on your air-con’s remote control. Piece of cake !!!

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Air Conditioning said...

TRUE! A simplest and effective way of staying cool during summer or hot seasons is to have your room air conditioned. Make your self comfortable, and that's the reason why ACs are also available online nowadays. Well, you just have to know how to conserve energy. And this tip will surely help!