Thursday, May 8, 2008


Saving S$10 per Week = S$500 EXTRA per year.

It is enough for : A modest vacation, buy yourself a gift that you long for, bring your family for a good feast, help the poor by donating, paying extra for your outstanding bills etc etc.

So, get yourself a Piggy Bank NOW !!! Don't get one that is so BIG that you will run out of enthusiasm of saving. Get something small. It is that fantastic feeling of satisfaction that you will experience when the small bank is filled up. It will encourage you to have the next small bank (perhaps another little bit bigger piggy bank). Do not hesitate. Look around for a small and cute piggy now. You are going to feed it everyday. So get one you love.

This is one of my favourite Piggy's really a PIGGY where I place on my office table. Cute to look at and encouraging to feed it.

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